Learn German with Helen.

Croeso! Wilkommen! Welcome!

Do you want to learn German for school, for work, or even for fun? Then I am the person to speak to. I am a native German speaker offering one-to-one German lessons in Cardiff and beyond (Skype /Zoom lessons).

My German language lessons are tailored to your objectives, whether that is for exam preparation or a holiday to Cologne, I can help you achieve your goal.

Including conversation, reading and writing, my lessons are tailored to your ability and are designed to inspire and drive you forward with your learning.

Due to the current situation, all lessons are held online, via Skype, which does mean you don’t have to be in Cardiff to benefit.

Helen White German Tutor

Learn German in Cardiff

German textbook for GCSE students
German textbook for GCSE students

German Tuition for GCSE/A-Level students

I also provide German tuition for students in Cardiff who are preparing for their GCSE’s and/or A-Level exams. Click here for more details.

I utilise the same books that the majority of Cardiff high schools use (including “Echo” and “Logo” for GCSE and “Zeitgeist” for A Level students). I have helped a number of students with their preparation and I know the level of German required in order to sit these examinations.

German Tuition for Adults

Whether you want to be able to speak German on your holidays in Germany or you’re even thinking of moving to Germany for a new life and career – I can help you to get you speaking with confidence. All you need is enthusiasm and Skype/Zoom. And you also need to be highly motivated. You can find out more about my German lessons for adults here. I am also offering a German pronunciation course. You can find the details about this here: Speak German with Confidence.

Learn conversational German for Adults
Conversational German for Adults

A bit about me.

I am a former freelance journalist and copywriter based in Cardiff, who started teaching German for adults and pupils in 2014. I also design jewellery and sculptures which I sell through Helenka White Design.

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